Sealy Sofa Convertibles


SKU: SL-F638-F-Grade-1


Don't worry. Most people don't see the bed in the room.

The  Truefit® Dropback Sofa is perfect for whenever you need to quickly convert your living room to an extra bedroom. The Truefit® Dropback Sofa  easily transforms from a traditional sofa into a true size Full=XL or Queen size mattress in seconds.  Discover the TrueFit® difference.

We like to think we have perfected the modern sofabed. With mattress first thinking, we designed from the inside out using Sealy® technology. Gone are the days where sheets and do not fit your sofa bed.  Discover the TrueFit® difference. Use standard sheets on our Sealy® DropBack Sofa Convertibles. Your sheets fit just as they would on a standard bed in Queen or Full-XL. 

With our simple and smart Dropback conversion, it's simple to open and close this model without moving it away from the wall. Using easy glides, the foot pulls out and the back of sofa drops down. Voila! A mattress. It’s time for bed!

  • Truefit® Dropback Mattress in full-XL and queen.  Fits regular sheets.  
  • 2 over 2 Seat cushions
  • 5" Pre-compressed pocket coils provide superior mattress support
  • Superior alternative to regular sofa sleepers
  • Solid steel / wood frame constructions
  • Chrome legs on steel X Frame
  • High-density poly foam cushioning


Model#  SL-F639-F SL-F639-Q
# of Boxes 2
Package Weight 140lbs 160lbs
Cuft 28.4F 30.5
Load 84F 78
Origin China China
Sofa Width 78.1" 82.7"
Sofa Depth 38.6" 39.8"
Sofa Height 34.6" 34.6"
Height to Seat 16.9" 16.9"
Depth of Seat 20.5" 22.8"
Width of Seat (Inside arms*) 75.2" 80.0"
Lay Flat width X Length 54.7" 60.6"
Weight Capacity 600lbs 600lbs


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